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Havasu Patriots

Patriots Bill Mitchell and Steve Tuminello. Bill recently moved and his contribution and leadership will be missed!

Freedom Revival in San Diego- January 2022

Patriots Sonia Perez and Steve Tuminello at the Freedom Revival


Follow the CSPOA

July 12, 2022 CSPOA Press release

May 3, 2020 CSPOA Press Release

July 16, 2020 CSPOA Press Release

April  3, 2021 CSPOA Press Release 

Statement of a Constitutional Sheriff

Sheriff and Candidate Survey


Listen to Radio Interviews

KNTR host Paul Lavoi interviews Patriots Karen Vanderjadt and Richard Hawkins. Interview link is currently unavailable. 

On March 2rd, 2021 KNTR host Paul Lavoie interviewed Sheriff Richard Mack and Steve Tuminello of the Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officers Association. Topics included: The impact government overreach has had on local businesses, education, families, and society as a result of the Covid -19 response. Two local upcoming events were highlighted: The "Freedom Rally" and car show at Great American Pizza March 6 and the "Keep Havasu Open" rally on March 7th (See calendar above). Note: Interview starts around 21:30. 

Listen to the March 2nd Interview

On December 3, 2021 KNTR host Paul LaVoi interviewed Havasu Patriots Steve Tuminello and Greg Befort. 

Listen to the December 3, 2021 Interview 

with Patriots Steve Tuminello & Greg Befort


Watch Natural Law Video Presentations

Click to view the Introductory Video has released the first introductory video designed to help people navigate the current human condition and understand how freedom is being destroyed. Desertsagepodcasts is the creation of Havasu Patriot Greg Befort, who is committed to teaching Natural Law and exposing the methods of manipulation and trauma that those few parasites who truly run this world inflict on the masses who do not have the knowledge of how these dynamics work. The podcast series that will follow expands on the topics discussed throughout the video. This introductory video is almost 3 hours in length which was necessary to lay the groundwork (prerequisites) for future podcasts and is specifically directed to former and current Law Enforcement and Military personnel, but as you listen to Greg's message without bias, you will feel a resonate message being directed to YOU if you will only be open to it. Natural Law and living in harmony with this Universal Law is the only solution to ending the confusion, suffering, and slavery of humanity. 

In storytelling fashion, Greg walks you through his own personal journey and discovery of Natural Law with an emphasis on how his erroneous BELIEFS about religion, government, and money were the root cause of his suffering. Most importantly, Greg breaks down how Ignoring Natural Law, lack of care about what truly matters, and our own cowardice in taking RIGHT action is the cause of the current suffering humanity experiences today. 

Equally important to the understanding and adherence to Natural Law, Greg intricately details how the erroneous belief in the illegitimate authority of government, scientific experts, or religious doctrines is the root cause of the human "condition". Greg uses the government and corporate response to the Covid fraud at a local (microcosmic) level to illustrate the fraud, lies, and immoral actions governments, politicians, media, and individuals took (at a macro level) to destroy human freedoms. Moreover, Greg challenges every individual who watches this video to question their own complicitness in the current condition of human slavery.  

Click to Watch the Desertsagepodcasts YouTube Channel

Click to watch the July 2022 video: Episode One Part One

Click to watch the video: Episode One Part Two

Click to watch the video: Episode One Part Three

Click to watch the video: Episode Two Part One

Click to watch the video: July 17, 2022 "Walk & Talk"

Click to Watch the June 24, 2022 "Walk & Talk" -Patriot update

Click to Watch the Sheriff Mack Show with Patriot Guest Greg Befort

Click to Watch the Freedom People Podcast interview with Greg Befort


Watch Video Presentations Exposing the Covid Fraud.

Watch Maria Zee interview Sasha Latypova regarding the DOD complicitness in the world-wide genocide operation

Click to view the Sasha Latypova Interview

Watch the Dr. Jane Ruby interview with former Army Ranger Lt. Col Brad Miller who lost his command and resigned over the DOD's mandatory Covid jab policy. 

Click to view the Brad Miller interview

Click to Watch "Died Suddenly"

Watch Lt. Col Theresa Long's testimony on Vaccines and Mandates

Click to Watch David Martin, PhD & "Weaponization of Coronavirus Death Jab"

Watch Dr. Simone Gold from "America's Frontline Doctors"

Click to watch the video

Click the button to watch the video

Watch "Planet Lockdown" with Catherine Austin Fitts

If you want a "global" perspective on what is happening to our freedoms and the motivations behind those who want to enslave the human species, Catherine Austin Fitts provides a coherent explanation, 

Click the button to watch the video

Watch the "Plandemic" Documentary 2020

The first installment of Plandemic, a 26 minute documentary featuring veteran virologist Judy Mikovits, has been seen by over one billion people worldwide. The premiere of Plandemic: Indoctornation, featuring white collar crime investigator, Dr. David Martin, set a world record with 2 million viewers attending the global livestream.

Click the button to watch the video

Watch Tucker Carlson interview Dr. Peter McCullough!

Watch this May 2021 Tucker Carlson interview with Dr. Peter McCullough.  Dr. McCullough is a practicing internist and cardiologist and Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine. Dr. McCullough has broadly published on a range of topics in medicine with > 1000 publications and > 600 citations in the National Library of Medicine.

Joey Gilbert- Attorney, Boxer, Leader

Click the button to watch the video

Watch Reno Nevada Attorney Joey Gilbert's Video!

On December 15, 2020, Attorney Joey Gilbert along with approximately 150 Reno residents appeared before the Washoe County Commission to address their complicit behavior in supporting Governor Steve Sisolak's unlawful edicts and Executive orders. Nevada's tyrannical government response mirrors that of government bodies across this country (as well as the developed world).  There has been a conspiracy of silence and outright censorship in order to hide the TRUTH.  Fortunately, citizens are fighting back from the ground up and are demanding answers from cowardly and often corrupt politicians. Ask yourself, "Whose WILL are they serving?" Gain the courage to speak the truth for your community and We the People will PREVAIL!


Watch Video Presentations Exposing the "USA Inc" fraud & the Constitution.

Click the button to watch the video

Watch the "USA Inc" Video

Everything you need to know about the corrupt Masonic construct of United States Corporation from 1871 to 2021, the crucial impact of final bankruptcy in 1999, birth certificate enslavement, maritime/admiralty law, and the REAL Commander in Chief and Post Master General of the World, :Russel-Jay: Gould.

Watch This Hillsdale College Panel Discussion

Of particular interest is the first speaker, attorney Robert Barnes, who delivered a stunning talk entitled, “Is Freedom of Assembly Dead?” In it, Barnes shines a bold light on how governments and state officials have sought an end-run around the law of the land by using the specter of a ‘pandemic’ to enact the suspension of fundamental Constitutional rights of Americans, in particular the the right of the people peaceably to assemble.

Watch Anti-Lockdown Protests. 

Citizens Are Standing Up!

More and More citizens are waking up to the fact that government can no longer be trusted to protect the rights of it's citizens. Rather than allow the destructive forces in this country to divide us by politics, religion, race, and sex, we choose to unite!