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Havasu Patriots

Who We Are

A Group of Citizen Patriots

Havasu Patriots is a grass roots organization made up of concerned citizens of the Lake Havasu/Mohave County AZ community who are concerned about the erosion of our natural and legal rights. The are no memberships, fees, or obligations other than to get involved! Our mission is clear. We have no governing board, by-laws, or requirements other than a willingness to fight for truth and freedom. The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked authoritarian political behavior worldwide, not merely in regimes already considered to be disciplinarian or tyrannical but also in well-established liberal democracies such as Australia, the U.K., Canada, and New Zealand with what is supposed to be robust constitutional protections of fundamental rights. Authoritarian governance in the name of public health intervention is understood in the present context as being characterized by diverse combinations of governmental and administrative overreach, the adoption of excessive and disproportionate emergency measures, override of civil liberties and fundamental freedoms, failure to engage in properly deliberative and transparent decision-making, highly centralized decision-making, and even the suspension of effective democratic control. In a nutshell, the pandemic has served as a powerful justification for authoritarianization—the process by which state authorities ‘slowly undermine institutional constraints on their rule through incrementalism"’, through various combinations of the above—and populations have largely responded with obedience (imposition and acquiescence). Government response to the COVID-19 "pandemic" is an intentional assault on human liberty and freedom worldwide and is self-evident. Fortunately, humanity is fighting back in Country after Country. People are "awakening" to their centuries old condition of slavery as a result of the COVID-19 deception, but there is much work to do.  

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What We Are NOT About

Havasu Patriots is NOT a Political Action Committee and DO NOT endorse candidates from any political party.  While many of our members hold traditional conservative values and belong to various faith-based groups, we welcome any resident of Lake Havasu City, Mohave County and people of this country who value freedom to become a Patriot.

We are NOT about Pro-Vaccination or anti-vaccination, pro-mask/anti-mask, or any of the innumerable dialectics that are designed to polarize humanity and keep a focus off of the controlling dark occultists who rule this world. If you want to take a deep dive down the rabbit hole to see the reality of what is occurring, attend our on-line and in-person meetings and special events. There is no membership application, cost to join, requirements to attend, or other obligation other than to be a responsible human being and take action to protect your freedoms! 

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What We Do

Currently, Havasu Patriots does not conduct regular in-person meetings due to a variety of reasons, including space availability. Future meetings will be hosted via ZOOM and any in-person meetings and special events will be announced on the "Meetings and Events" page. We discuss unlawful and devastating effects of measures taken by governments in collusion with international banks, global corporations, and corrupt, unelected bureaucratic institutions. These measures include threats of force and coercion via: lockdowns, school, business and church closures, coercive testing, masks, and vaccinations, tracking, discriminatory employment practices and other violations of constitutional, legal and international laws regarding human rights. Our mission is to educate people about the dystopian nightmare prison humanity is marching towards and what we can do at a PERSONAL and local level to resist! This includes teaching people about Natural Law (Universal Moral Law) as well as fundamental constitutional human rights under man's law. Members are made up of a wide variety of backgrounds, education, and experience. We encourage every citizen of Lake Havasu to become informed and ACT! Get involved. Do what you can to assist this effort. KNOW the TRUTH about what is happening to humanity, then SPEAK the TRUTH to those you encounter. If you can speak publicly, SPEAK PUBLICLY. If you can write letters, WRITE. If you can donate time or money, DONATE. If you can show up to support others at City Council meetings or organized events, SHOW UP. 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”


"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."- Edmund Burke

Recommended Patriot Websites 

 The John Birch Society

Desertsagepodcasts YouTube Channel

The One Great Work Network

Constitutional Sheriff's & Peace Officers Association

America's Frontline Doctors

Local Government Meetings We Attend

Members of the Havasu Patriots regularly attend City Council and County Board of Supervisors meetings. Generally, citizens are permitted 3 minutes to speak during "Public Comment". Click on the meeting links below to view archived meetings where Patriots have appeared. 

Mohave County Board of Supervisors Meetings

Lake Havasu City Council Meetings

Click the links below. If the video begins playing from the beginning, click on "Call to the Public" in the menu.

August 6, 2021 Coffee with the Mayor (Fast Forward to   1:10:20) 

November 23, 2021 Council Meeting (Great Presentations!)